Firearms Offences

Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers have been defending firearms offences within Inverness and throughout the Highlands and Islands for years. We have decades of combined experience in defending these cases


The use and distribution of guns and other firearms is strictly controlled in Scotland. It is an offence to possess a firearm without a licence or to be in possession of a loaded firearm in a public place without a reasonable excuse. It’s also a crime to recklessly discharge a firearm, whether injury is caused or not.

In the Highlands and Islands, a firearm sometimes a necessary part of people’s livelihood. Whether for pest control or sporting reasons and it necessary to possess a weapon.

It is vitally important you instruct an experienced team of lawyers to begin preparing and defending your case. Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers have experience in dealing with all firearms offences. We can be contacted at any time for a free initial consultation

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