Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers are an established criminal defence firm, comprising of an experienced, respected and determined team who are based in Inverness and Wick. From these two offices, our lawyers represent clients daily throughout the courts in the Highlands and Islands. We defend our clients in the Sheriff Courts at Inverness, Tain, Wick, Stornoway and Elgin. Due to our reputation and extensive experience in criminal defence, we are also regularly asked to represent clients in other jurisdictions.




Natalie Paterson LLB (HONS), DIP LP, NP Partner

Phone number: 07738245072



Natalie’s passion for criminal defence came at a very early stage, when working in a busy Edinburgh Defence practice as an office junior. Her focus towards criminal defence since then has never faltered.


She started her legal career with Victoria Good and Company based in Edinburgh and when qualified as a solicitor, moved to Robert More and Company and then Bannerman Burke Defence Lawyers. She has specialised only in criminal defence. Throughout those years, Natalie has dealt with and gained a vast experience in every type of criminal case prosecuted at the Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff Court and High Court. She is dedicated to ensuring the best result for her clients and has built a reputation for regularly achieving those results.


Natalie is local to the Highlands and Islands and having moved home, soon formed Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers. Since moving back, she defends clients within the Highlands and Islands on a daily basis and has built a loyal following.

David Patterson BA, LLB (HONS), DIP LP Partner

Phone number: 07714313578



David trained and worked as an assistant with one of the largest criminal defence practices in Scotland. Starting his career with Paterson Bell in Kirkcaldy, he thereafter continued as a qualified lawyer in Edinburgh and set up a sheriff court practice for the firm. Over the several years working in Edinburgh Sheriff Court he gained a vast experience conducting thousands of criminal cases from the Justice of the Peace Court to Sheriff and Jury level. There is no type of criminal case in the Sheriff Court that he has not handled or presented.


Throughout his career he has also instructed and dealt with a number of high-profile cases, including complex fraud, high value drugs, terrorism and murder charges. Since moving to Inverness, he has defended clients daily in the Sheriff Courts throughout the Highland and Islands. He strives to get the best possible outcome for his clients and regularly achieves excellent results.

The firm was set up by David Patterson and Natalie Paterson, who have specialised entirely in criminal defence throughout their careers. David and Natalie have previously worked alongside the largest criminal defence practices in Edinburgh and the central belt. Both then moved to Inverness, and opened Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers, with the view of using their defence expertise and professionalism to see client succeed while providing an unrivalled service.